Mafia Wars

Secret Tips and Tricks to Dominate Mafia Wars

July 16, 2010
By admin

By: Rick Beach

So you are looking for that special cheat mafia wars secret? There are literally dozens of web sites on the Internet today offering the best cheats, tips and tricks. Much of there advice is good. However, many times you will get bad advice and lose ground in the mafia wars world. Like they say what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. The real problem is that many of the players online today have spent hundreds of hours play, and you’re going be competing with them.

I am going to tell you the best mafia wars cheat there is right now. It is so simple and yet the most important mafia was secret there is. Find someone that has played hundreds of hours, and let then give you the advice you need to win in a short period of time. You see a mentor ant anything can greatly reduce your learning time at anything. Playing mafia wars is no exception. Now days you do not only need to practice on line games until your good enough to play with the big boys, but you also need to be a real good researcher on the Internet. With mafia wars as well as most on line gaming, not only do you need to have a great insight for the game, you need to know what everyone else knows about the game. You need a mafia wars mentor.

Learn to Dominate Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars Cheats, Tip and Tricks

November 9, 2009
By admin

I’ll have to admit it, I have a guilty pleasure and its name is Mafia Wars. I doubt that I’m alone in this regard, but that doesn’t make it any less silly. There are millions of other players out there right now who take this thing way more seriously than I ever will and that’s at least somewhat comforting.

So, when I stumbled upon a guide the other day that claimed to help you reach the top of the pile where all the elite mafias are sitting I was a little dubious. These guys pour hours of their life into the game. How can I be one of them without doing the same? It’s expensive, right?

How it Works

So, rather than wonder if I’d be forever at the bottom of the pile (I’m just a bit competitive after all), I decided to check out the guide and see exactly what it was that the gurus were expecting me to do to become one of the top players.

Turns out, it’s not that hard.

That’s not entirely accurate. These tips are genius, and well researched. But, when you read them, you’re going to hit your head on the keyboard and wonder why you never considered what you could have done to become one of those very gurus we all ogle.

Here’s the deal. The guide is relatively simple. It tells you exactly what you need to figure out and master the game from the ground up. But, if you’re already level 34, you can use the same tips to revamp your strategies.

My favorite part was when it told me how to get 500 in my family in a couple days. Granted, it took me a full week, but still…I had 500 in my family in a week. That’s insane.

I’m not quite up to level 150+ yet, but I’m well on my way to the top of the charts and you’d better believe I’m going to brag about it. If you’re serious about being really, really good at this game you really ought to give this guide a shot.

Learn these Secrets and More:

-Extreme ways that lower level players can stockpile God Father points. Even if you have just started playing
-Learn how 99% of the players use the worst methods to build their Mafias and how to do it the right way
-How to make sure you never lose another fight or get robbed again
-How to double you God Father Points overnight on autopilot. You will be absolutely amazed with this!
-Where to go to find those hard to find weapons and tools everyone needs.
- A three step plan to master every level and job at break neck speed
- The simplest and quickest way to recruit members without bothering family and friends
- How to get dozens of top mafia members to join your mafia in just 2 hours
- How to get revenge on any mafia that messes with a member of your crew
- Any many other secret tactics us by the most powerful bosses playing
- Discover the secrets behind God Father points and the methods of how to use them effectively

If you’re like me you are going to freak out when you learn how simple these tactics are. It has taken over a year to improve and tweak these tactics learned from the Mafia Wars spy. Now have a look at the secrets that will make you the next Mafia God Father.

Don’t miss this opportunity to out match your Mafia Wars opponents. Learn the deepest darkest secrets of the greatest God Fathers. Never again walk the streets afraid of the next encounter. Learn to build your Mafia War God Father points and to become the next Mafia Wars God Father.