New Free Facebook Game CityVille and Players Guide

April 14, 2011
By admin

I just love Facebooks free online games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and the rest. There have done a great job at coming out with a new game about the time everyone is ready for a new adventure. The newest release to Facebook’s gaming collection is a new online game called CityVille, and it getting great reviews so far, from there millions of fans. It promises to be the most popular game on Facebook to date, and yea I mean breaking the Farmville record.

What is a Facebook game without one of those handy guides that gives you an insider’s look at the game, as well as many tips and tricks to get you right on top of the player list? There so good it almost seams like your cheating. Almost that is. There are a few out on the internet right now, and the easy front runner to this Facebook gamers guide connection seams to be CityVille Secrets. If you’re having trouble getting into the swing of things in CityVille, believe me, one of these guides is not a bad investment. Anyway have fun with Facebook’s new online game and see you online.

Click here to Check out CityVille Secrets.

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