Best Laptop Hacks for Gamers

November 20, 2010
By admin

by Billy Morris

If you like to play the latest video games on your laptop, and you tend to play for extended periods of time, you may want to check out some of the great laptop hacks available online. Some of these hacks include the ability to extend the life of your battery by dimming the screen, using your phone as a wireless modem for online play, and more. The free best laptop hacks will allow you to enjoy your gaming even while you’re away from home, and the best laptops on the market have many hidden features which can be unlocked

by using the right codes, or a download of simple drivers and software. The games you play may have a lot of hacks hidden by the programmers, waiting to be discovered. A basic Google search using the game you want to hack as the keyword can turn up dozens of cool hacks to make your game even better. Hacks for your particular laptop brand or model can also be found through a Google or search engine search. Laptops now come with more features than ever before, and many are hidden, waiting to be found through some cool hacks which you can learn online.

The best laptops on the market come preloaded with some pretty cool software, and these bundled programs tend to have a lot of Easter eggs hidden, which many have found through experimentation and have been willing to share online. Browse through online gaming blogs and laptop blogs to find the free best laptop hacks for your gaming pleasure. If one code does not seem to work, try another one. Persistence and experimentation are key. Be sure to locate your product key for the operating system you are using, along with your laptop’s serial number, which should be located on the bottom of your laptop. Hacks for your laptop are fun to play with because they unlock game play features that only a select few people know about, and they open up new dynamics in your game play that make even an old favorite seem more fun. One of the most practical hacks for your laptop is a hack which will allow you to extend the life of your battery without having to recharge. Some hacks that have been implemented can nearly double the battery cycle, letting you enjoy your games on the go without recharging as often. Many hacks have been discovered for laptops by accident or by sheer experimentation, breathing new life into an old machine. While it isn’t rocket science, it does require persistence to discover these hacks and codes. Thankfully, many of these hacks, codes, and mods have been graciously shared over the Internet through gaming blogs and technology blogs, findable through creative searches on your favorite search engine. It doesn’t require much time to find these, as they are prevalent across the web. Hacks for your laptop will help you to discover new ways to enjoy your laptop and your games while you’re on the road and at home.

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