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StarCraft 2 Tips: Getting Ready for The Zerging Rush!

by rbeach on Jul.09, 2010, under Computer, StarCraft 2

The Zerg are more dangerous than ever this time around. Every time we start a game against a Zerg, the very first thing you need to be ready for is the zergling rush. This nasty speed upgraded zergling rush can wipe you out in the first moments of any battle. A good Zerg player can win the game by just using zerglings and banelings. This guide will show you how to be ready for and defeat this type of attack.

The great Zerg players on bnet right now have learned how to effectively use zerglings to harass us and run by our army to take out our suvs. This can be a devastating blow to our economy which will in turn cause us to fall behind in mineral gathering and cost us the game. One thing we can do of course is use supply depots to block off the entrance to our base but this will not stop a good Zerg player as they can use banelings to blow through the supply depots very quickly and run in with the speedlings.

The answer is to build hellions. Hellions are excellent at wiping out groups of zerglings and they move just as fast as the zerglings do so you will be able to keep up with them. Of course to make hellions so early in the game you will need to build a factory pretty quickly and start creating them out as soon as you know the Zerg player is using a lot of zerglings and banelings. If you use this method against a zergling attack you will have no problem taking out even an excellent Zerg player.

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