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StarCraft 2 Tip: Zerg vs Protoss Tactics that Work!

by rbeach on Jul.09, 2010, under Computer, StarCraft 2

Playing against a good Zerg player can be difficult against any of the other players. However, with the right units a Protoss player can learn to beat the Zerg down. The key to winning this type of game is know what stragity the Zerg player is using. Scouting becomes the most important think you can do in the beginning of the game. You need to know what units they are going to send at you, so I would recommend getting an observer pretty early on in the game. If he is making a lot of zerglings you need to build a colossus or 2 really fast and they will make short work of the zerglings. You also need to make sure you have a few zealots and stalkers to defend the colossus from attacks. If he is using a lot of roaches and hydralisks then you should build immortals as they do very well against roaches and hydras. If he is dumb enough to try and attack you with mutalisks then just build up a bunch of stalkers and you should have no trouble taking them out. Those 3 are the main attacks that a good Zerg player with use against you. So you see winning this type of game is pretty straightforward.

Of course there is one other major option that a Zerg player can use and that is building infestors. A good Zerg player with infestors can be a big problem for us so keep an eye out for these and if you see them coming the smartest thing to do is build some air units such as void rays or phoenix to handle the infestors from the air. If you follow this guide and learn the strenghts and weaknesses of your units then beating even a very good Zerg player can be a breeze. Good luck and I hope to see you on battlenet soon!

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