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Are You Looking For an Amazing Flight Simulator Download?

May 27, 2012
By admin

Are You Looking For an Amazing Flight Simulator Download?

Are you a wannabe airline pilot? A wannabe private pilot? Or even a pilot? Are you afraid to go flying but love the thought of it? Do you want to go flying with out spending thousands? Do you want to go flying in your living room? Then a flight simulator download is just the thing you need. Microsoft Flight Simulator will take you anywhere you want in the world and you will feel like you are actually there in command of your very own aircraft.

There are several good Flight Simulator software packages out there. For instance Microsoft Flight Simulator has progressed alot over the years and the graphics have gone from basic to quite amazing to say the least. In this article I am going to tell you a little bit about the game how to get a flight simulator download.

Picture this….You are sitting in the right hand seat of a Boeing 737-700 ready for departure. You are lined up on runway 25 and the light rain drops can be heard bouncing gently off the flight deck window. Air traffic control give you permission to take off and you ease forward on the thrust levers delivering that awesome power. wow!! Isnt that the dream job? Do you want to do this from the comfort of your living room? With graphics that actually make you feel like you are there right in the middle of the action.

Flight simulator games are so advanced that there are too many features for me to list but I am going to try my best to list a few of them for you now. The most recent flight sim X has puts you right at the heart of the experience by…

1.Providing dynamic world living with moving aircraft. Wild animals. Vehicles at airports. Air traffic and dynamic atc and many many more

2. Enables you to fly missions that a programmed and ready to go throughout the world including..Airline pilot missions, flying a red bull stunt plane, tutorials and many more

3. Shared skies are a big feature with traffic flying past you and moving alongside you on the ground. You can even connect online and fly with your friends. Are you seeing why a flight simulator download is the thing for you?

4. Fly some 21 state of the art aircraft from an airbus A321 to an Extra 300 s.

As you can see from the early days of flight simulator it has progressed greatly. With all flight simulators it is possible to find a flight simulator download. You can download the game and fly from your own home within hours. Flight simulator downloads can also provide you with many different add ons from exact scenery in your own town to exact airline paint colours taxiing past you.

The advantage of a flight simulator download is that it can be downloaded right in your own home and you can be in the aircraft within an hour or so.

I love these type of games as you get the real thing without actually paying for the real thing if you know what I mean.

Maybe its time you gave it a go.

Free Battlestar Galactica Games

May 21, 2011
By admin

This timeless award winning TV series Battlestart Glactica has been around for three generations now. The first TV series appeared the 1970s and after a long run, it remained popular on the late night rerun TV scene well into the 1990’s. In 2004 the series was brought back with a bang. The special effects and new casting plot made it more popular than every. There always seams to be something about the story that grabs our attention.

The endings of each series have always been a subject a great debate in the Sci-Fi groups around the world. While the first series end in present day here on earth, the second appeared to have ended thousands of years ago. Creating quite the controversy in the Sci-Fi community that seams to get more heated as the years go by there as been a many of a imaginary ending discussed in sci-fi group around the internet.

This Sci-Fi pronominal story now has new free battlestar galactica games so you can create your own ending however you like. Don’t miss the newest free Battlestar Galactica Online game today.

Click here and start playing for free:

New Free Facebook Game CityVille and Players Guide

April 14, 2011
By admin

I just love Facebooks free online games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and the rest. There have done a great job at coming out with a new game about the time everyone is ready for a new adventure. The newest release to Facebook’s gaming collection is a new online game called CityVille, and it getting great reviews so far, from there millions of fans. It promises to be the most popular game on Facebook to date, and yea I mean breaking the Farmville record.

What is a Facebook game without one of those handy guides that gives you an insider’s look at the game, as well as many tips and tricks to get you right on top of the player list? There so good it almost seams like your cheating. Almost that is. There are a few out on the internet right now, and the easy front runner to this Facebook gamers guide connection seams to be CityVille Secrets. If you’re having trouble getting into the swing of things in CityVille, believe me, one of these guides is not a bad investment. Anyway have fun with Facebook’s new online game and see you online.

Click here to Check out CityVille Secrets.

What exactly is CityVille Secrets Guide?

April 1, 2011
By admin

Author: Laraine Himmelmanns

If you had just lately iniciated playing Cityville, and you are looking for an edge in the game that should let you get to the top, and stay there, afterwards there is a excellent likelihood you have been wanting at Cityville guides. If this is the case, then you have most likely noticed minimum a few of articles regarding Cityville Secrets and Tricks. However, if you are looking for the truth, after that right here is an truthful Cityville Secrets review.

What Is It?

Cityville Secrets is a comprehensive guide to playing Cityville Secrets and getting to the top. It is written by Tony ‘T-Dub’ Sanders, who has recognized himself as one of the top specialists in the social gaming arena.

Why Is It Worth Buying?

For most of us, getting to the top in a game like Cityville is a subject of trial and error – and by the time we have figured it out, we have either lost interest, or we are so far powering the leaders that there is truly no direct in also trying to get ahead again. Cityville Secrets tends to make it simple to get started on the proper foot, level up rapidly, and stay forward in the game. It’s for serious gamers.

What Does It Cost?

Cityville Secrets fees a puny beneath $30 to buy, but once you take into account that in it, you will get secrets and techniques that will enable you to dominate in the game, devoid of spending your own hard-earned cash getting coins from Zynga, it is truly a saving in the prolonged term.

Who Should That Guide?

Anybody who needs to be far better than all of their close friends or to be a serious competitor in Cityville can benefit from it game. It is also wonderful for individuals who like playing, but who don’t enjoy the frustration of being stuck.

It is a relatively standard practice for producers prefer Zynga to carry out new sociable connect video games, and writers of guides to funds in on the buzz. In actual fact, there are frequently guides available within a few months of new games being launched, and the Cityville Secrets and techniques guide is no different. One should wonder, even so, whether that form of guide is the real point, or a rip-off. I viewed it out.

Written By a Pro Gamer

The first issue I found about Cityville Secrets and techniques was which it has been published by a pro gamer, who spends all his time enjoying games. It on your own is sufficient to set my mind considerably at rest, simply because in contrast to instructions published by common players, the Cityville Secrets manual has been produced by someone who helps make a dwelling out of becoming the best.

Cash Back Guarantee

Cityville Secrets is not the cheapest manual online, but being priced at below $30, it is also not the most expensive. What does make all the big difference is that there is a cash again guarantee on it. This implies which if you buy it, and do not enjoy it, or do not believe it is value your investment, you can get a well-rounded refund. Which undoubtedly indicates, to me at least, that the Cityville Secrets manual is certainly not a scam.

Do you want to become a CityVille MASTER before the rest of the world even starts playing this addictive new game? If so, be sure to look for the newest CityVille Hint and look for a complete CityVille Guide by visiting Cityville Hints for all the CityVille Secrets you could ever need!

About the Author
I simply enjoy playing social games! And the Best are from Zynga!

Video Game Tester Job Openings – 2 Quick Tips for Faster Employment

January 24, 2011
By admin

Author: Sean Saunders

Getting video game tester job openings is no easy task. Truth be told, it can be damn near impossible for beginners, especially for those whom don’t know a thing about video game testing. So, the big question is: how can a professional video game tester make landing jobs easier? Well, he can start by reading a few game testing tips.

Tip 1: Start Networking With Others!
Believe it or not, the success of your video game tester career may heavily rely on your network of contacts. What is a network? Basically, it’s a group of people that you know within your industry that can help you progress in your career. Will any type of network help you advance in your testing career? No, unfortunately.

In order for your network to be able to actually help you, it has to be filled with reliable contacts from the gaming industry. If your “network” is only made up of friends and family, how do you expect to land any video game tester job openings? With that being said, begin to network with as many people in the gaming industry as humanly possible. Concept artists, graphics designers, audio specialists, programmers, developers, testers, and anyone else that has a career related to video games. The more people you know in the video game industry, the more strings you can ultimately pull.

What can your network do for you? Plenty of things. The biggest of which is putting in a good word for you when you submit an application for a testing job. Having a man on the inside is definitely a great way to ensure that you get high paying assignments. Aside from that, they can also let you in on job openings and any big news that is being hidden from the public.

All in all, a reliable network is a great resource that no video game tester should be without.

Second Tip: Stop Sitting Around & Get Yourself Out There!
There are not going to be any “video game tester wanted” ads in the paper, so you’ll have to get out of the old “newspaper job search” mindset. You have to realize that game developers are indeed looking for game testers, but they aren’t searching high and low for them. Why not? Because they know that the game testers will come to them, that’s why.

If they were to advertise the fact that they need testers, they would likely be swarmed with gamer, not game tester, applications. What’s the difference? Well, a gamer application is submitted by a person who just wants to play video games all day long and get paid for it. A game tester application is submitted by a professional video game tester who knows that he will be paid to complete a job, period. Whether he has fun or not is of little concern; the fact in the matter is that he is being paid to test a video game, not just to play it. As you can clearly see, developers want game tester applications and nothing else; which is precisely why they don’t widely advertise their job openings.

Since the companies & developers aren’t actively searching for you, what do you think you should do? Look for them of course! Therefore, if you want a video game tester job, you must head directly to the developers and apply for one. It doesn’t sound that tough, does it? Well as usual, it’s much easier said than done.

To get a developer to give you for a testing job, you have to convince them that you are indeed a qualified video game tester. How can you do that? By simply telling them about your experience in the video game industry. Let them know about the games you’ve played, online communities you are apart of (MMORPGs, websites, clubs, forums, etc), accomplishments you’ve made, and what consoles you own & play regularly. Also, if you have a blog/website that covers video game related news, such as cheats, hints, tips, glitches, reviews, previews, etc. make sure that they know about it. Remember, any and all experience with video games will help your cause, so don’t be shy. The more experience you’ve got, the better off you’ll be.

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Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a video game tester? Are you ready to test games and not just play them? If you honestly think you’re ready, visit and find out how you can get started testing video games today!